The Mavic 2 offers iconic Hasselblad image quality on the Pro and a high-performance zoom lens on the Zoom.

Get close to cell towers, high-tension lines, bridges and high-rise buildings without compromising worker safety. Examine storm-damaged roofs from the ground.
The DV Wing Fixed Wing UAV from Drone Volt can be flown up to 1.86 miles away and has a flight time of 85 minutes
The Drone Volt Teargas is instrumented with a system that can comprehend up to 3 fully independent 16.9 oz (500ml) tear gas sprays

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H&K Agents Limited is an internationally trading company based in Canada and E.Africa founded in 2016. Having key Partnerships with DJI, Proline U.K, Motorola and Airworks Compressors Corps, H&K Agents Limited is aimed at offering a range of quality Products and Services for use in UAV(Drones) operations, Security, Communication and Industrial operations
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