Security & Surveillance Solutions

  • PR-IP-9877-IR-PTZ


    Proline UK IP HD Series 37X IR High Speed Dome Camera
  • Proline UK PR-VSC7000

    Proline UK PR-VSC7000

    PR-VSC 7000 X ray Container Truck Scanning System PR-VSC 7000
  • Proline UK PR-6040BS

    Proline UK PR-6040BS

    X ray Baggage Scanner
  • Proline UK PR-UK 7003 MP

    Proline UK PR-UK 7003 MP

    Walk through metal detector, Portable walk through metal detector.
  • Proline UK PR-7937EX

    Proline UK PR-7937EX

    Explosion Proof HOUSING, Atmospheric Pressure PROLINEUK PR-7937 EX Ambient Temperature
  • Black Vue DR650S-2CH

    Black Vue DR650S-2CH

    The best Cloud dashcam, featuring Remote Live View and Push Notifications to your phone.
  • Drones


    Easy to use drones that can cover long distances and HD recording.
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